Solo Adventures

My Solo Adventures are to places that I dream of and they may or  may not be on my bucket list.  Having worked within the Hospitality Industry I fully understand when, where and who to contact to get discounts and upgrades.  I’m more than pleased to share that experience along with my adventures with you. If my knowledge, experience and curiosity helps you to take your own Solo Excursion great then my efforts have not been wasted.

One of the best things I’ve discovered about a Solo Excursion is that the only person I have to consider is me.  This is the time to plan ahead, save to make certain I visit the destinations I want to see and enjoy with out the worry that my interests are different from traveling companion.

I put in the effort to research the destinations I want to visit. My must admit that I just happen upon a place while vacationing that’s not on a map or a tourist must see guide.  I enjoy those discoveries and hidden treasures of a city most of all.  I walk most of the time and I pay close attention to my surroundings. Not because I feel unsafe but because its the little things that I find astonishing like the sound of running water, beautiful buildings, long train rides through neighborhoods and interesting restaurants with unique names.

I always have a camera or my  cell phone to capture pictures to create memories of my past travel adventures.  I learned that when I return home and I’m going through the pictures it makes me smile and relive or invoke what I was feeling when I took  that particular picture.

I’ve been called an introvert, I’m a loner by nature, so a solo adventure has become life as usual in a different place.  I can make it as interesting and as magical as I want it to be.

I’m not much of a drinker but I do simply love good food.  I make a point to try a local restaurant, one with atmosphere and culture.  I research that as well!  I’m not promoting this TV show but Diner, Dives & Drive-ins is a great place to review restaurants. Since I like out of way places it works for me and if the food wan’t good they wouldn’t highlight the restaurant present on the show.

I try to find hotels that centrally located near public transportation systems.  Local transit systems works best for me once I figure out how to read the maps.  However I don’t take the train at night, again we really stand out.   If I rent a car then I try to see everything, I have to justify the cost of the rental.  Driving is too distracting to me, I always feel like I’m missing the sites and feel of the city.  Either way create an experience for yourself trust your sense of adventure to make it a habit.  If nothing else you’ve tried something new and after all that’s what life is all about.

If you need assistance planning a Solo Excursion contact me at:


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