Good Eats

I by no means am a food critic or a wine connoisseur.  I do however love good Food that excited my appetite and Beverages that quench my thirst.

Although I love  good food, I don’t consider myself to be a great cook.  I can cook some things well, however kitchen duty isn’t my thing.  That being said, I usually find a way to fit a good restaurant or two into my budget.  The restaurant can be elegant, a food truck or even one I just happen upon.  I can usually find something interesting on the menu to try.  I like mom & pop restaurants, I get suggestions from my friends and I read reviews.

I don’t go to grand openings often because that’s when the staff is expecting people to come in and critique everything, they have to be on point.  I wait until the traffic dies down to get an honest feel of the food and the service.  Service is important to me, knowledge of the menu both the food and the wine menus.  Recommendations from the wait staff is important especially if I’m familiar with the cuisine.

I am a social drinker meaning I do have a bar at my home that contains the basics for entertaining purposes.  Vodka, Tequila, Gin and of course mixers and the items like lemon, olives, pearl onions and home grown mint to make the drinks pretty.  I like fruity drink, but that doesn’t always mean sweet. Mixed drinks are always an adventure and I find that when visiting an establishment that the first drink is the best.  That can also depend on if your a regular and of course the skills of the bartender.

Please understand I’m not opposed to drinking things like juice and carbonated beverages out of a pretty glass.  That somehow makes the beverage taste better….at least to me.

These articles are intended to offer insight on restaurants the service, atmosphere and of course the food.  I going to use this as a learning experience to uncover new and exciting restaurants beverages enhances the flavors of foods and I’m sorry to say, those places I didn’t like.  I hope you’ll explore and learn along with me.




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