Travel Resources

The age of technology as opened the world up to instant everything.  Gone are the days waiting to receive information in the mail box that mounted outside our homes.  We are able to view the world and it’s activities from the comfort of our living room.

It’s no different for the travel industry.  We can view destinations, make airline reservation, book hotels even make reservations for dinner in exotic locations seconds.  There are hundreds of third party travel sites offering information on discounts all over the internet.  The choice then becomes which websites offer the most up to date and accurate the information that fits our individual needs and budgets.  Here are a few selection you may find helpful.

opulence Kayak     opulence trivago

With Kayak and Travigo  travelers are able to book Airlines, Hotels, Packages, & Vehicles.  Once you select your destination you’re able to view detailed information regarding your selections.  The plus with this website is that it compares the prices of the multiple suppliers so your able to see the prices.  You can create travel alerts so you’ll be kept up to date regarding any changes to your travel itinerary.

Once you’ve completed your selections and booked the reservations, be prepared to make the payments.  Note:  Some cancellation and change fees will apply, so review the terms carefully before providing your payment information.
opulence orbitz_logo    opulence expedia            opulence travelocity

Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz are a few of the best known sites.  These individuals travel websites like Kayak and Travigo allows travelers to book Airline, Hotels and Packages. The rates offered on the website are the discounts offered by the suppliers.  Once you confirm your reservations the providers will expect full payment.  Cancellation and changes can be made after the reservations has been confirmed, however there may be an additional charge to make those changes.

opulence yapta

My new favorite travel website is Yapta!  Once you selected your airline flight and confirmed your reservation.  Visit and enter your specific flight information. If a lower flight becomes available, you get an alert and you can contact the airline carrier to get the advertised lower rate or a voucher for your next flight.

booking buddy logo

Booking Buddy is yet another site I visit when I’m planning a trip.  It allows you to begin to set a budget and explore the options for purchasing tickets.  You can gather information for business trips, vacation packages and car rental services.  Check it out!

These are just a few of the many travel websites that are designed to offer discounts to the savvy travelers.  Take your time to review each of them to decide which option works best your particular needs.


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