Breakers Korean Grill & BBQ

breakers ownerLet me begin by professing, that I’m an all American Girl from a Southern City who simply adores all things fried.  However my new found sense of adventure has allowed me to venture past my comfort zone and that includes my dining options.


Breakers Korean Grill is fairly new to the Duluth, GA area.  It’s located  in a Asian Market/Community so its understandable that there are several Korean, Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in the area to sample.  Some are better than others and some should be seen only from the outside.

I’m pleased to share this semi-upscale restaurant as one you should definitely explore.  I went with a group of co-workers and we all like to eat as you can tell from the table.  Traditional Korean food includes a variety of side dishes such as Kimchi (fermented cabbage), Kakdugi (diced radish kimchi) and Skuju-Namul (seasoned bean sprouts).

The meats are prepared table side, which is expected and includes Chicken. Beef Brisket, Pork Belly and Beef Short Ribs and Tofu Steak to name a few.  We sampled their “All You Can Eat” lunch menu, its endless and offers a group of diner a variety of different options.  All of the Entrees include Sticky Rice and a Salad with Ginger Dressing which I happen to like.

As we were loudly enjoying our lunch, the Owner came to further entertain us.  He’s a delightful man with a wonderful sense of humor.  He suggested we try the Beef Bulgogi, its this slices of rib eye marinated in a sweet soy sauce. He also had our service (John) bring us a platter of jumbo prawn shrimp & scallop in a lemon sauce.  We were overstuffed by the time our service came to  table with a sinful chocolate cake for desert.

breakers all you can eat     breakers scallops shrimp   breakers chocolate

Our group left the restaurant weighing a few extra pounds and smiling!  If you’re in the area solo or with a group of friends interested in exploring and enjoying a new restaurant Breakers is the place to be! Bon Appetite.



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