Tamaya Resort & Spa

My first solo trip was to Santa Ana Pueblo New Mexico after the loss of a loved one I needed to catch my breath. My daughter after learning of my plans immediately began to use Psychology on me to force me to venture out past the Tamaya Resort and Spa-Bernalillo, NM. Her words still ring in my ears, mother as she so fondly refers to me, it doesn’t make sense for you to spend that kind of money only to stay closed up in your room. You may not get a chance to return to New Mexico, so you may want to enjoy it. Although I realized this was her way of gently pushing me to move forward, however, I was a little taken aback by her words.

Arriving at the airport was uneventful, or as uneventful as it can be leaving from Hartsfield International Airport, accurately named the worlds busiest Airport. I arrived early and like most people do while waiting for their flights to take off, I people watched. I observed people hustling about waiting to board their flights, people scrambling for seats near their assigned gates and of course techies on their computers. Its interesting identifying the vacationers, they are a little more casually dressed and they don’t have that stressed look in their faces. Kids of course are either excited knowing they are on the way to an exciting adventure or fussy at having had to rise earlier than usual and being hustled off to a crowded airport filled with strangers.

As I approached my gate, I exhaled knowing something new was just over the horizon. The non-stop flight was filled with travelers headed to New Mexico for a both business and pleasure. After getting the appropriate beverage I looked out the window at the clouds, I often refer to them cotton balls in various shapes and sizes. I wondered what this adventure would bring and forced myself to imagine only good thoughts. I of course felt restless and a little anxious so on went the music on my IPhone and I welcomed the nap I felt approaching.

Albuquerque New Mexico’s Airport is much smaller than Hartsfield Airport and much easier to navigate. After getting my luggage and my pre-scheduled transportation I felt a sense of awe, not because of the scenery but because I had taken the first step of my solo adventure. Albuquerque is a small but growing town. Construction appears to be on-going and of course the local traffic is a victim of the progress. As we drove to Tamaya Resort and Spa I began to see the culture and history of the community. There were vendor booths lined in the streets and it was impossible not to notice the brightly colored produce. Grown locally and unlike the pepper onion and garlic we find in grocery stores these were hung on display and surrounded by jellies, flowers or articles of clothing items.

Although the Hyatt Corporation manages the resort, they do so with the approval and input of the local Pueblo Indians. I’m happy to say that the local tribe employees many from their tribal community and even assists them to further the education. The entrance of the resort was an oasis in the middle of the city. After realizing my first view was the Sandia Casino which lead to a winding road leading to the entry way to the Resort. The road opened onto the Twin Warriors Golf Course which was strum with avid golfer testing their driving skills. Upon enter the resort first views were of the décor of the lobby which of course of the Mexican/Indian culture. Unlike cookie cutter hotels this resorts reflect the culture of the community. Decorative rugs, hats and a rather large carved horse was prominently displayed at the entrance. The open space of the lobby contained cultural artifacts, two restaurants with amazing views, and the usual overpriced gift shop. I could tell there was other outlets to explore however I was anxious to check-in begin my adventure.

I unloaded my luggage in my hotel room and proceeded to the concierge desk. I had already researches what was available for tourist and I was eager to venture out. The concierge offering information of the ease of getting to Santa Fe New Mexico. The cost of the local transportation was under $20.00 and it takes you on a ride through the local cities with glimpses and views of the communities lie between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. I sat on the exhilarated by the sites at each stop. The view of adobe shaped houses and communities filled with locals, it excited my sense of adventure. As I approached Santa Fe I saw lines of local vendors with booths filled with local produce, native clothing, work, shops restaurants..

I walked to see the Loretto Church and learned of its magical staircase, a visited a variety to Art Galleries, ate at Tomasita’s Restaurant. I craved authentic Mexican food and I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed.   I had lots of time so I continued to explore. I walked through the Farmers Market and slowly I began to capture to feel of the local community of farmers and the pride they exhibited on their culture and the products. I was captivated by my surrounding. After spending the day walking, eating and site seeing it was time to return to Resort.

I’m an early riser so after a good night’s rest and a wonderful breakfast on one of the resorts verandas.   The view of the rising sun was more than I imagined, no less spectacular are the sunsets. I spotted a walking trail and began my exploration of the grounds. The walking trail was not a place of solo reflections, rather is was a place filled with endless paths each leading to another secret garden. I came to realize the resort borders on the Rio Grande River. Someone was instinctive enough to place a seating bench just off one of the walking paths, I sat and listened to the sounds of rushing water encircled by local flowers and trees. A few paths beyond that were the horse stables, I love feel of a cool breeze on while riding and I took advantage of an afternoon ride.

It was much to cool in October to take advantage of many of the outdoor activities like spending time in one of the swimming pools or playing a game of tennis, but it’s never too cool to enjoy the Tamaya Mist Spa and Salon. I had a full body message and a facial, which was enough for me to feel like I could take on the world. I vested in a beautiful resort in a magical location for four days, eaten authentic Mexican food and a fall sun in New Mexico and I appreciated every second of my solo excursion. I will most certainly venture into lands unknown but dreamed of again. In closing allow me to pass on these words. It’s never as difficult as we imagine to get out of our way, there is enchantment in the world if we begin to see the places of our dreams. Now it’s your turn!


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