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I’ve worked within the travel industry for over 25 years.  I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve done very little traveling during that time.  For one reason something always seemed more important.

When my children became adults and my life partner passed away, like anyone else I asked myself what’s next.  After reconnecting with a childhood friend who had similar life experiences we decided to take an excursion.

What I realized during the months that proceeded the trip was that we spent lots of time talking and planning and somehow we became excited.  The trip was not only a way of reconnecting with a life long friend, it became a way of reconnecting to life.

Going to work was no longer a way to take care of my financial obligations, it became a way to start enjoying life to the fullest….Finally.


It was at that point that I realized that millions of women must have the same desire to travel, explore and reawaken themselves we did.

So the purpose of this blog is to ignite that long hidden fire and sense of adventure that all women have.  Also to urge women to take the first step into discovering all that life has before us.  This blogs won’t always be about exotic locations, it will also include the hidden treasures within my own backyard, the place I just never took the time to explore.  I also find it to be adventuresome to explore Restaurants.  After all eating at a new restaurant can be an adventure.

I’ll so add some of the interesting facts I’ve learned from being in the travel industry.  These facts will help you navigate within the industry when you’re planning your own trips and group excursions.

If this blogs pushes you to discover something new about yourself and it causes you to smile on the inside, then I have accomplished my mission.  You’re invited to join me on my journey of discovery and follow this blog, add your own journey and enjoy the chronicles of others.

Lets explore together,






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